Two Local Restaurants for Health and Quality


Calafia is a true local   destination, with its only outlet at Town and Country Village next to Mayfield’s. Along with   the salad bar and market for meals to-go, Calafia also boasts a restaurant with fresh ingredients in delicious recipes created by Chef Charlie Ayers, the former executive chef at Google.

Since diners are

not served bread while waiting for entrees, we highly recommend starting with one of Calafia’s interesting appetizers. From Papas Con Ajo ($6.50), crispy fries with a variety of seasonings, to Salad Automatic, a simple spinach salad with an added fruity kick from orange segments, Calafia offers a wide selection of appetizers to pique the appetite

For a main course, the Queen Calafia’s Cheese Burger is a sophisticated cheeseburger Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, and pickles. At $11.00, the burger certainly cannot compete with other restaurants for economy, but Calafia’s generously-portioned creation tastes high-quality. For the more health-conscious, Calafia also offers a Turkey Mushroom Burger ($11.00) and a vegan Think Macro Eat Local Burger ($10.00), with a soy-oat-vegetable patty on a whole wheat bun.

Pizzas range in price from $8.00 for a simple cheese to $11.00 for Wolfgang’s Pizza, which features shredded duck leg, pumpkin-hempseed pesto, mozzarella, and goat cheese. Each pizza contains eight thin slices, a decent portion for two people to share with an appetizer. All th

e pizzas are vegetarian save one, and there is even a vegan option, without the usual cheese on top.

If all these healthful options still seem too heavy, Calafia also has exotic salads that range in price from $8.50 to $10.50. From organic baby spinach to organic steamed quinoa, each salad includes high-quality, healthy ingredients.

For more substantial entrees, the rice and noodle bowls are all warm and filling with fresh ingredients and ethnic flairs, from the lamb curry to the Japanese beef curry.

One thing to note is that while Calafia boasts slow food served fast, Calafia’s service is not exactly fast. Expect the typical wait time of any nice restaurant, and enjoy the appetizers while you wait for your entree.


Right next door to Calafia is Mayfield Bakery and Cafe, another local addition to Town and Country which includes a bakery for quick meals and a sit-down cafe for more formal meals.

Mayfield is a bit pricier than Calafia, but meals start off with freshly-baked bread, so that appetizers aren’t completely necessary. However, we would recommend the starters for a sophisticated start to your meal, as all the starters are beautifully prepared and each bite screams high-quality, from the warm olives in olive oil ($5) to the clams and garlic crostini ($13).

The selection of entrees is also much smaller than Calafia, but each one features in-season ingredients from local farms. The best value is probably the Mayfield Burger with onion rings ($13), a reasonably portioned burger that is a safe crowd-pleaser.

One thing to note on the menu is that there are only one or two-digit numbers for prices, without a dollar sign or cents. We’ve noted that this usually signifies an expensive eatery, so keep this in mind when eating at Mayfield.

The seasonal pizza also usually doesn’t put too big of a strain on the pocket. At $16, this thin-crusted, luxurious pizza is usually good for two along with a starter, and it always offers fresh toppings and an interesting cheese (currently goat’s milk cheese).

Most of the other entrees are prices in the $20-$30 range, with adequate servings that certainly are not large, but are enough to satisfy with bread. Besides, we realize that such gourmet meals are not meant to be consumed in huge portions. The smaller portions force diners to savor each bite, as does the long wait time between starters and entrees.

Desserts are also available from the next-door bakery, along with organic coffees and teas.


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  1. hrglee

    Nice reviews of these two restaurants. Maybe feature the to go items at these places in a future post?

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